Established in 1993, the Colorado Foundation for Public Health and the Environment (CFPHE) is a 501 (c) (3) corporation that enhances the health and safety of the people through its mission of partnering with people and organizations to develop and manage projects to improve the public’s health and the environment in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region. CFPHE’s line of business consists of three major programs: Administrative Partnership, Leadership Training and Community Engagement.


 CFPHE is often chosen as a partner because our mission closely aligns with those of public and private public health initiatives, and CFPHE has experience working with communities


 CFPHE partners with public, private and nonprofit organizations and unincorporated organizations and collaborations to create meaningful public and environmental health projects for Colorado and throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.


Our Vision:

All Coloradans have the opportunity to be healthy and live in a healthy environment

Our Mission:

The Colorado Foundation for Pubilc Health and the Environment works with people and organizations to develop and manage projects to protect and improve the public's health and the environment in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region.

Adams County Health Alliance


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Since April 2013, members of the Adams County Health Alliance have convened for a series of discussions regarding the status of health care in Adams County.  These key stakeholders are committed to achieving increased access to quality health care and improved health outcomes in the community by establishing partnerships and identifying collaborative strategies.


The mission of the Adams County Health Alliance is to improve health outcomes for Adams County residents by creating an affordable, quality and accessible health care system through collaborative partnerships of health and community organizations


Key Areas of Work


Based on the collective needs and assets of alliance members, the Adams County Health Alliance focuses its work on the following priority areas:


          Access and Care Coordination – The alliance will work to develop a health care system that Adams County users trust. There will be increased coordination through referrals, medical record keeping and sharing, and consumer education. Open communication and resource sharing between providers will also be prioritized.

      Engaging Hard to Reach Populations – The alliance will work to create higher cultural awareness among health care providers. Organizations conducting outreach will be part of a larger community engagement strategy and will continually evaluate their progress.


 ·        Integrated Behavioral, Oral and Physical Health - To ensure successful integrated care, Adams County providers will work as a ‘whole health team’ for the patient. Additionally, a comprehensive network of existing health care providers and specialists will exist from successful inventory and communication.



Serving the Remaining Uninsured/Undocumented Patients – The alliance will work to ensure Adams County will be prepared to provide comprehensive services to the remaining uninsured and undocumented patients by implementing effective community evaluations and developing effective outreach programs.

Current Projects

Gaining Ground

Funding Source: 

        National Network of Public Health Institutes
        Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


This project is to create increased momentum and system-level support to help Colorado local public health agencies learn about and engage in quality improvement efforts, as well as prepare for national accreditation through the Public Health Accreditation Board.


      This is a collaborative project involving the following system-level public health partners:

                      Colorado Foundation for Public Health and the Environment (CFPHE): Sara Miller, Executive Director·       

                      Colorado Association of Local Public Health Officials (CALPHO): Lisa VanRaemdonck, Executive Director; Sarah Lampe, Project Manager and     representative local public health directors ·       

                      Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE): Joni Reynolds, Health Programs Director and Kathleen Mathews, Office of Planning and Partnerships Director·       

                     Colorado Health Institute (CHI): Michele Lueck, Executive Director and Sara Schmitt, Director of Community Health Policy·       

                     Colorado Public Health Association (CPHA): Erica Chavez, President-Elect·       

                     Colorado School of Public Health (CSPH)·       

                     Center for Public Health Practice: Tim Byers, Director and CSPH Associate Dean and Janna West-Kowalski, Educational Outreach Coordinator·      

                     Rocky Mountain Prevention Research Center: Julie Marshall, Director and CSPH Professor

                     Colorado Public Health Practice-Based Research Network (COPHPBRN): Lisa VanRaemdonck, Co-Director; Julie Marshall, Co-Director; Sarah  Lampe, Project Manager


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