Colorado Prevention Alliance (CPA)

Funding Source(s)

  • Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit Programs
  • Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment


Formed in 2011, The Colorado Prevention Alliance’s goal is to form a partnership among Colorado health plans, public health entities, businesses and other stakeholders to work collaboratively on disease prevention issues and leverage resources to support collaborative endeavors. The CPA addresses a wide spectrum of prevention efforts; the direction will be determined by its stakeholders to ensure relevance, buy-in and active engagement. To promote informed decision-making and prioritization, the CPA will use a review of the National Business Coalition on Health’s evalu8 Request for Information and HEDIS data set results for Colorado health plans.

Potential topics to be addressed by the CPA include:

  • Identify issues of access, coding, pre-existing conditions and data quality;
  • Promote access and preventive services and health screening to Coloradans through public and private insurance as well as community channels – all of whom share a common goal;
  • Increase awareness and access in disparate groups and collaborate on messaging specifically focused to these groups;
  • Promote colorectal and other cancer screenings through shared data, dialogue and intervention strategies;
  • Collaborate with community and state resources to convey screening messaging;
  • Increase collective knowledge of evidence based best practices around screening incentives and interventions;
  • Leverage wider prevention topics and scope;
  • Explore various measurement of cost effectiveness and return on investment strategies
  • Educate about cancer and chronic disease prevention

Contact Information:

  • Colorado Foundation for Public Health and the Environment
  • 1385 South Colorado Blvd, Suite A622
  • Denver, CO 80222
  • Phone: 303-910-4682
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