Encrucijada: Sin Salud, No Hay Nada (Crossroads: Without Health, There Is Nothing)


The Colorado Health Foundation


The Encrucijada project began in 2007 with a conversation. Anne Smith, Evolve Communications, Joanne Lindsay, Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, and Christine Dauchot, Maximus/CHP+ Marketing were interested in replicating an idea they’d heard about on NPR. The Baltimore Child Health Plan had used an 8-minute telenovela – a Spanish language soap opera – to educate Spanish speakers about navigating the public health care system. The novela was never aired publicly. The group wanted to expand on the idea and create a full series focused on enrollment in public health insurance and health promotion and disease prevention.

Estimates show that 72 percent of Colorado’s children who are eligible for Medicaid and CHP+ are Hispanic. The novela was an ideal means for communicating the value of public health insurance to Spanish speaking parents, including information about how to apply for CHP+ and Medicaid, and about a variety of chronic disease issues that disproportionately affect the Hispanic community.


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