About Us

Our Vision:

Everyone has the opportunity to be healthy and live in a healthy environment.

Our Mission:

The Colorado Foundation for Public Health and the Environment works with people and organizations to develop and manage projects to protect and improve the public’s health and the environment in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region.

Our Values:

  • Independence openness transparency
  • Collaboration inclusiveness
  • Leadership and services to benefit the community
  • Prevention of injury, disease and disability
  • Promotion of the health of people and the environment
  • Innovation and quality
  • Flexibility and responsiveness
  • Cost effective operations

Our Strategy:

Maintain a high quality and responsive organization that meets the needs of our constituents and their projects, and that is consistent with our values, to more effectively fulfill our mission.

Contact Information:

  • Colorado Foundation for Public Health and the Environment
  • 1385 South Colorado Blvd, Suite A622
  • Denver, CO 80222
  • Phone: 303-910-4682
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