Administrative Partnerships

CFPHE often serves the administrative arm of projects that aim to make investments in a quicker, more meaningful, and realistic way for our partners and our communities.

CFPHE is grounded in a multi-sector approach, bringing together government, academia, community organizations, and businesses, among others, to build innovative partnerships. CFPHE has strong history in development and sustaining coalitions and project teams to implement a wide variety of public health and environmental health projects. CFPHE is a neutral party that can be used to convene broad partnerships and stakeholders to deal with difficult topics or negotiations. CFPHE can participate in and provide leadership and/or participation to any team created.

With community organizations and collaborations…

CFPHE provides a flexible administrative home for community organizations and collaborations for whom the fiscal, accounting and reporting requirements of grants would be overly burdensome, allowing our partners to benefit from our administrative services while maintaining programmatic control over their projects. CFPHE can support community organizations by acting as the lead applicant for funding opportunities.

With academic and governmental institutions…

CFPHE serves as a strategic business partner with government agencies and universities, facilitating investments in community based projects by managing the flow of funding out into the community. Our simple, yet robust process is a successful strategy that avoids the often cumbersome bureaucracies of large, complex institutions. Federal, State, and independent auditors have given CFPHE standard to exceptional ratings on fiscal and contractual management of public and private funds.

CFPHE has a strong history of administrative knowledge and capacity. Since 2008, CFPHE has administered over $12 million in funds from federal, state, and private resources. CFPHE has a very strong, yet simple, contracting process. CFPHE practices have been reviewed by federal, state, and independent organizations and has received standard to exceptional ratings on fiscal management of funds. CFPHE is often used as the applicant organization for HRSA, NIH and CDC for various projects.

Community Engagement

Our Community Engagement (CE) Program was developed in partnership with the University of Colorado’s Clinical and TranslationalSciences Institute, and has expanded to include engagement programs funded by additional sources.

We are working to integrate and transform partnerships into a collaborative, broad-based enterprise that will enhance public trust and reduce health disparities. We administer, train and guide community and academic partnerships in Colorado and throughout the Western United States. We manage all aspects of CE including contracts, provision of fiscal administration, training and capacity building. Our CE programs respectfully engage communities to address the needs of communities, partners, patients, and health providers in order to cultivate relationships.

Starting in 2013, CFPHE was selected to be the first in the nation Pipeline Award Program Office for the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute’s (PCORI) Pipeline to Proposal program, where we administer, train and guide community and academic partnerships throughout the Western United States.

Regional Health Connectors

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Regional Health Connectors use community and practice engagement to cultivate partnerships by bridging resources and systems to build healthier communities and healthier practices. This is accomplished through:

  • Practice engagement in practice transformation and quality improvement activities to reach the Quadruple Aim to improve health care, patient experience, and clinician and staff experience at a decreased cost
  • Partnership development to connect practices to community resources
  • Community Engagement to connect practice workforce into community-level activities related to the Social Determinants of Health

Regional Health Connectors (RHCs) are deployed across Colorado as a part of the Colorado Health Extension System (CHES). The Extension System, a multi-stakeholder collaborative, creates a statewide infrastructure to support and coordinate practice transformation and to connect primary care to local public health and community organizations for community health improvement initiatives. The RHCs provide a bridge between practice transformation and community health improvement efforts, building on potential synergies and avoiding duplication of effort.

RHCs serve as liaisons to physician offices, public health and community organizations. They provide linkages among the various components of the healthcare delivery system (with a particular focus on primary care), practice transformation organizations, public health system, community organizations, state, county and city agencies, and the academic health system. One function is to build relationships with primary care practices to make them aware of the resources available to help them evolve to new models of care deliver and compensation.

Colorado Foundation for Public Health and the Environment is one of the local host organizations supported by a grant from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality through the EvidenceNOW program. EvidenceNOW Southwest (ENSW) is a collaborative of Colorado and New Mexico designed to help small and medium size primary care practices in Colorado and New Mexico with a particular focus on improving how they deal with cardiovascular risks. In addition to Regional Health Connectors, the project includes multiple practice transformation organizations (PTOs), which support practices in this type of effort.

Regional Health Connectors are being deployed in a joint effort of the Colorado Public Health Institutes*. For more information on other projects of the Regional Health Connector Program visit CHI’s RHC page.

For more information, please visit the EvidenceNOW Southwest website here.

*Colorado Foundation for Public Health and the Environment and the Colorado Health Institute


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