CFPHE Adds Value

CFPHE has worked for public health and the environment in Colorado since 1993.

Administrative Partnership:

CFPHE often serves the administrative arm of projects that aim to make investments in a quicker, more meaningful, and realistic way for communities. CFPHE has a very strong, yet simple, contracting process. CFPHE practices have been reviewed by federal, state, and independent organizations and has received standard to exceptional ratings on fiscal management of funds. CFPHE is often used as the applicant organization for HRSA, NIH and CDC for various projects.

  • Record keeping and reporting of project finances, including cash receipts and disbursements. 
  • Accounting of all funding streams, including class based system that allows for monitoring of multiple funding sources. This includes tracking of any restricted funds.
  • Monthly balance sheets, income statements and general ledger reporting.
  • Technical assistance in developing budgets and monitoring cash flow.
  • Tax filings and reporting with the IRS, as part of CFPHE filing.
  • Project is incorporated into CFPHE audits, including A133 compliance audits.
  • Financial reporting and billing for cost reimbursable grants.
  • Administration of property, liability and other insurance as needed.
  • Acknowledgement to donors of tax-deductible donations.


CFPHE has a strong history of administrative knowledge and capacity.  Since 2008, CFPHE has administered over $10 million in funds from federal, state, and private resources.

  • Administration of all independent and vendor contracts.
  • Employment by CFPHE, when feasible and necessary, paid from project funds.
  • Payroll and tax accounting for project staff.
  • Office Space access, including meeting space, storage, internet, printing, etc.

Partnership Development

CFPHE is grounded in a multi-sector approach, bringing together government, academia, community organizations, and businesses, among others, to build innovative partnerships. CFPHE has strong history in development and sustaining coalitions and teams to implement a wide variety of public health projects. CFPHE is a neutral party that can be used to convene broad partnerships and stakeholders to deal with difficult topics or negotiations. CFPHE can participate in and provide leadership and/or participation to any team created.

  • Assistance and consultation on budgeting, finance, and grant writing.
  • Access to Colorado Nonprofit Association and other public health related associations for training, development and other needs.
  • Access to a Professional Board of Directors who are business, public health and environmental health leaders both locally and nationally.

Leadership Training and Development

CFPHE, through the Regional Institute of Health and Environmental Leadership (RIHEL), has extensive knowledge and experience providing comprehensive leadership training at the individual and group level. RIHEL is the CDC-founded regional leadership institute for Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico. RIHEL provides leadership training and other professional development experiences for the public health, environmental health and environmental professionals in the region. With over 675 graduates of its leadership programs, RIHEL is also an association of vibrant, forward-looking professionals dedicated to the health and environment of our region

Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Program was developed in 2008 in partnership with the University of Colorado’s CTSA program. This program aims to integrate and transform community and academic partnerships into a collaborative, broad-based translational research enterprise that will enhance public trust and reduce health disparities. While CFPHE manages all the funds that are going into the community for this program using our Administrative Partnership program, CFPHE also oversees a Community Research Liaison (CRL) Program. CRLs work in diverse communities in urban and rural Colorado.

CRLs respectfully engage communities to address the needs of communities, partners, patients, and health providers in order to cultivate relationships between academic researchers and individuals within a population and subpopulations so that they can identify community health priorities and design locally relevant studies that address real community, partner, patient and health provider needs. Starting in 2013, CFPHE was selected to be first Extension Office for the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute’s (PCORI) Pipeline to Proposal program, where we administer, train and guide community and academic partnerships throughout the Western United States. CFPHE currently manages over 30 contracts, including the provision of fiscal administration, training, and capacity building.


Contact Information:

  • Colorado Foundation for Public Health and the Environment
  • 1385 South Colorado Blvd, Suite A622
  • Denver, CO 80222
  • Phone: 303-910-4682
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