Current Projects

Rocky Mountain Public Health Training Center

Funding Source:

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) via the Colorado School of Public Health


The Colorado Foundation for Public Health and the Environment through our program, the Regional Institute for Health and Environmental Leadership (RIHEL), and the Colorado Association of Local Public Health Organizations (CALPHO) provides training and leadership support in two specific ways: through our administrative partnership program and our staff expertise to develop trainings.

Colorado Cancer Coalition (CCC)

The Colorado Cancer Coalition (CCC) is a unique gathering of organizations and individuals with interest in the prevention and control of cancer in Colorado. The CCC dedicates itself to achieving increased prevention, research, early detection, and improved treatment of cancer for all Coloradoans in the coming decade. For More Information Please visit the CCC Website

Gaining Ground

Funding Source(s):

  • National Network of Public Health Institutes
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


This project is to create increased momentum and system-level support to help Colorado local public health agencies learn about and engage in quality improvement efforts, as well as prepare for national accreditation through the Public Health Accreditation Board. This is a collaborative project involving the following system-level public health partners:
  • Colorado Foundation for Public Health and the Environment (CFPHE): Sara Miller, Executive Director
  • Colorado Association of Local Public Health Officials (CALPHO): Lisa VanRaemdonck, Executive Director; Sarah Lampe, Project Manager and representative local public health directors
  • Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE): Joni Reynolds, Health Programs Director and Kathleen Mathews, Office of Planning and Partnerships Director
  • Colorado Health Institute (CHI): Michele Lueck, Executive Director and Sara Schmitt, Director of Community Health Policy
  • Colorado Public Health Association (CPHA): Erica Chavez, President-Elect
  • Colorado School of Public Health (CSPH)
  • Center for Public Health Practice: Tim Byers, Director and CSPH Associate Dean and Janna West-Kowalski, Educational Outreach Coordinator
  • Rocky Mountain Prevention Research Center: Julie Marshall, Director and CSPH Professor
  • Colorado Public Health Practice-Based Research Network (COPHPBRN): Lisa VanRaemdonck, Co-Director; Julie Marshall, Co-Director; Sarah Lampe, Project Manager

Farm to School Task Force

Funding Source(s):

  • The Colorado Health Foundation
  • United States Department of Agriculture
  • National Network of Public Health Institutes


The Colorado Farm to School Task Force to create a statewide implementation of farm to school; thereby bringing healthy, fresh, local food to students in K-12 to improve the nutrition of school food and health of Colorado students. The FTS Task Force has identified specific gaps that the Task Force and its staff will address in order for farm to school to flourish in Colorado.

CREA Results Partnership

Funding Source:

Susan G. Komen Colorado AARP


This is a public private partnership, with projects funded through a variety of mechanisms primarily for the collection and disbursement of funds related to activities related to community outreach, education, navigation and research by CREA Results and their promotores de salud team in Colorado. The overall project goal is to recruit, train and employ Promotores de Salud/Community Health Workers (who are members of the community fluent in and sensitive to the Latino language and culture) as a bridge between providers of health care services and the community. These Promotores de Salud will then provide culturally responsive breast health education [already approved by Susan G. Komen for the Cure] to underserved populations and reduce barriers to screening through behavior modification, self-empowerment and call to action.

Colorado Tobacco Sales Age-Control Program

Funding Source(s):

Colorado Division of Behavioral Health


Monitors compliance with laws against selling tobacco to minors, supports enforcement of those laws, coordinates interagency compliance with federal regulations

Colorado Prevention Alliance (CPA)

Funding Source(s)

  • Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit Programs
  • Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment


Formed in 2011, The Colorado Prevention Alliance’s goal is to form a partnership among Colorado health plans, public health entities, businesses and other stakeholders to work collaboratively on disease prevention issues and leverage resources to support collaborative endeavors. The CPA addresses a wide spectrum of prevention efforts; the direction will be determined by its stakeholders to ensure relevance, buy-in and active engagement. To promote informed decision-making and prioritization, the CPA will use a review of the National Business Coalition on Health’s evalu8 Request for Information and HEDIS data set results for Colorado health plans.

Potential topics to be addressed by the CPA include:

  • Identify issues of access, coding, pre-existing conditions and data quality;
  • Promote access and preventive services and health screening to Coloradans through public and private insurance as well as community channels – all of whom share a common goal;
  • Increase awareness and access in disparate groups and collaborate on messaging specifically focused to these groups;
  • Promote colorectal and other cancer screenings through shared data, dialogue and intervention strategies;
  • Collaborate with community and state resources to convey screening messaging;
  • Increase collective knowledge of evidence based best practices around screening incentives and interventions;
  • Leverage wider prevention topics and scope;
  • Explore various measurement of cost effectiveness and return on investment strategies
  • Educate about cancer and chronic disease prevention

Aurora Health Access

Funding Source(s):

The Colorado Health Foundation


Aurora Health Access was initiated in January 2010 after a grassroots effort convened a series of community conversations about health to identify challenges and opportunities. AHA is a coalition of residents, leaders, providers and community agencies committed to transforming the health care system in Aurora. We are valued as an unprecedented table where key health and community leaders are coming together to talk about solutions like never before. We are a catalyst for change in the community.

Adams County Health Alliance

Funding Source(s):

In Kind Private


Since April 2013, members of the Adams County Health Alliance have convened for a series of discussions regarding the status of health care in Adams County. These key stakeholders are committed to achieving increased access to quality health care and improved health outcomes in the community by establishing partnerships and identifying collaborative strategies.

The mission of the Adams County Health Alliance is to improve health outcomes for Adams County residents by creating an affordable, quality and accessible health care system through collaborative partnerships of health and community organizations.

Key Areas of Work:

Based on the collective needs and assets of alliance members, the Adams County Health Alliance focuses its work on the following priority areas:

  • Access and Care Coordination
  • Engaging Hard to Reach Populations
  • Integrated Behavioral, Oral and Physical Health
  • Serving the Remaining Uninsured/Undocumented Patients

Contact Information:

  • Colorado Foundation for Public Health and the Environment
  • 1385 South Colorado Blvd, Suite A622
  • Denver, CO 80222
  • Phone: 303-910-4682
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