Rocky Mountain Public Health Education Consortium


Membership and Trainings


The Rocky Mountain Public Health Education Consortium is a multi-state entity whose mission is to develop and implement a regional collaboration of university faculty and state agency Maternal and Child Health programs to improve the health status of and eliminate health disparities among women, children and families, including those with special health care needs. This is done by increasing the knowledge, skills, competencies and capacity of professionals, organizations and systems in the Rocky Mountain and surrounding states and Tribal Nations within the region. The consortium works to assure an educational network that includes but is not limited to the following programs: staff development, continuing education, certification and graduate degrees in Public Health with an emphasis in Maternal and Child Health. As a result of participation in the Consortium, MCH staff at CDPHE and in local public health agencies in Colorado will benefit from quality educational conferences, distance learning video workshops, written self-teaching modules and graduate level classroom sessions that the consortium produces.


Contact Information:

  • Colorado Foundation for Public Health and the Environment
  • 1385 South Colorado Blvd, Suite A622
  • Denver, CO 80222
  • Phone: 303-910-4682
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