Western Pipeline Award Program Office (WPAPO): Patient Centered Outcomes and Research

Funding Source:

Patient Centered Outcomes and Research Institute (PCORI)


PCORI was authorized by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 as a non-profit, nongovernmental organization and is charged with helping patients, clinicians, purchasers, and policy makers make better-informed health decisions by “advancing the quality and relevance of evidence about how to prevent, diagnose, treat, monitor, and manage diseases, disorders, and other health conditions.”

PCORI’s Pipeline to Proposal Awards (also called Pipeline Awards), a progressive, three-tiered funding approach, aims to accelerate research proposal submission and dissemination and to develop a nationwide foundation of patients, stakeholders, and researchers equipped and eager to participate in patient-centered outcomes research.

Because PCORI has a limited headquarters workforce, the operational, programmatic, and fiscal duties associated with Tier I Pipeline Awards was awarded to CFPHE because of our significant research capacity building and award management experience (e.g., grant and contract award administration).

PCORI contracted with five nonprofit organizations to serve as Pipeline Award Program Offices that will support the initiative nationwide and provide awardees with technical assistance and guidance. Four of the program offices will provide regional support:

      • Eastern states: Health Resources in Action, Boston
      • Midwestern states: Michigan Public Health Institute, Lansing
      • Southern states: Georgia Health Policy Center, Atlanta
      • Western states: Colorado Foundation for Public Health and the Environment, Denver

In addition, the National Network of Public Health Institutes in Washington, DC, will serve as a national program office, assisting with projects that extend beyond a single region.

The five organizations all have public health, healthcare, or research familiarity as well as experience in research capacity-building and award management. By supporting and managing the efforts of Pipeline to Proposal awardees in their regions, the Pipeline Award Program Offices advance the development of partnerships leading to teams ready and able to propose and conduct patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR).

Specifically, the Pipeline Award Program Offices:

      • Assist awardees in developing communities, creating infrastructure and strategic planning,
      • Assist awardees in reporting their progress and PCORI in its progress evaluations,
      • Share lessons learned and collaboratively problem-solve as the projects progress,
      • Expand PCOR across the country by tapping into their regional knowledge and networks of organizations experienced in local, regional, and national health advocacy.

Contact Information:

  • Colorado Foundation for Public Health and the Environment
  • 1385 South Colorado Blvd, Suite A622
  • Denver, CO 80222
  • Phone: 303-910-4682
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